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18 Days

We all know the quote, by Srila Prabhupada, that if we were ready, we could take the world in 18 days. Some part of our mind is like that Brahman, who heard that the Lord threaded an elephant through the eye of a needle, at which the Brahman scoffed, “humbug, impossible!” And the simple shoe cobbler, heard the same, and he said, “How wonderful! My Lord can do anything!”

So, how can we defeat the demons in 18 days? They have big armies, big bombs and tanks, this isn’t like the Kurushetra war, where there are armies on both sides. We’ve got no might, in a world were might makes right. And the demons certainly don’t listen to logic and reason. So we tell the skeptical part of our mind to shut up, and like the shoe cobbler, we encourage the faithful part of our mind, which says, “Okay, our Lord Krishna can do anything!” And this is the whole point, it’s not us who will defeat the demons, is Krishna alone Who will do it. He can defeat the whole world of demons, with one hand tied behind his back. For Krishna, that isn’t a problem, what He’s concerned about, what Srila Prabhupada is concerned about, is how we will inherit the earth, after the demons lose their power? Are we mature enough? How are we obedient to Srila Prabhupada? Can we really take control of the earth, do we have enough good man and women to do that? Well, look at what we are doing now? In the area of protection and nurturing of children. Can we put our boys in an ashram, and know they’re safe from pervert molestation? If we can’t do this, how can we guide the whole world, after Krishna defeats the demons?

So, how will Krishna defeat the demons? I wrote this recently:

“Krishna saw a nuclear war coming, and He didn’t like it, so He rearranged the mountains and the seas, making sure that the demons drowned and all the devotees and pious found higher ground, and He did it in 18 days, thus making Srila Prabhupada’s prophetic words ring true! Jai Sri Krishna!”

I know this is speculation, but this is one of many ways in which our Lord Krishna can destroy and create anything, anywhere, anyway that He wants. Om Tat Sat [more on this later]