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Part 3 of “Feasting in the Dead of Night”

“Dear Jayananda prabhu, did I ever tell you why I liked washing pots so much? No? Because it was a little austere in the temple, it was really cold in San Francisco, even in the summer. First we would arise from a warm bed, at 4am, grab our towel and gumsha, and transverse the freezing sidewalk to get to the garage, and there we take a freezing shower, cold to the bone. So, I would sometimes warm up in the pot washing room, and clean Krishna’s pots, and get His mercy.”

“I just remembered,” said Jayananda, “I used to stash prasad in my special hiding spot, right behind this false wall ... well look here, devotees still stash prasad in my old hiding hole! Here’s a tray of halava and golubjamans ... sit down prabhu, and let me serve you some halava and golubs, they’ve been touched by Lord Jagannatha’s lotus lips, and now we will honor prasad, yummm ... ah!”

“No, no! Jayananda prabhu, let me serve you! You can’t serve me! I won’t let you, look at our positions, you are a resident of the spiritual world, and I am still fighting my urges, I am still trying to escape maya’s clutches!”

“It’s not about position,” said Jayananda, “it’s about attitude ... service attitude. And moreover, you have served me thousands of sumptuous feasts in temples all over the world every year, and so I accept more prasadam than I can possibly honor, and therefore I share it with thousands of cowherd boys, and we overeat and never get sick! So, just this one time, let me be the server ... or at least, let us take turns.”

“Okay,” I said, “I guess that is only fair ... but I go first!”

“Too late,” said Jayananda, as he dispatched a huge scoop of halava onto my plate. And so, I took my turn to serve him, then he took his turn, and then I took another turn, on and on, we were in such bliss, until....

“Ohhh!” I groaned, “my stomach is bursting! I can’t take another spoonful!”

“No excuses prabhu,” retorted Jayananda, “we must honor Lord Jagannatha’s prasad.” Then he covered my plate with a humongous scoop of succulent subji, taken from a container he found hidden on top of the cupboards. “You know what Srila Prabhupada said, “feed them up to the neck, so they waddle like a duck!”

“This reminds me of a glorious prasadam pastime,” said Jayananda with a big grin.

[The conclusion is forthcoming]

Srila Prabhupada writes in his transcendental purport, Madhya 1.162P,....“a path made with actual jewels and a path made of mental jewels are the same. Though subtle, mind is also matter, so any path -- indeed, anything for the service of the Lord, whether in gross matter or in subtle matter -- is accepted equally by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Lord accepts the attitude of His devotee and sees how much he is prepared to serve Him. The devotee is at liberty to serve the Lord either in gross matter or in subtle matter.”

End of Part 3 of “Feasting in the Dead of Night”

# Taken from tentative chapter to “Jayananda Thakur volume 3”