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The new chapter of the Viskoka's book #3 on Jayananda

Isn’t this what we really want?

Lord Krishna, as Supersoul, is always speaking to us, giving us little visions of past, present and future, so to give us instruction, on how to traverse purely on the path of bhakti, back to His abode. To the degree that we can see, or hear, a little of these visions, is tantamount to the degree of our loving devotional service unto Lord Sri Krishna.

Jayananda appeared in my dream … we hugged with deep transcendental emotions, and he comforted me with his strong embrace and whispered these words into my ears, "Don’t worry Prabhuji, it’s ok, everything's going to be just fine."

Rear-view mirror insights ... 20 years later ... don’t worry, everything is going to be fine? What is the meaning of this? Is it that my heart will be ok? No, that is an inconsequential matter. What is it that worries us most in life? How are we going to save this planet? How will Lord Chaitanya’s devotees save us from Kali in our darkest hour? Is that it? Does Jayananda speak of a plan that will make everything okay, arranged by the previous acharyas, revealed to him and his spiritual associates? Sounds like some cosmic plan is already in the works, and we are a vital part of it, and by our desire to serve the Vaisnavas, the details will become clear to us, what part we have to play in it ... all will be revealed to us, by divine grace, in due course of time. Dear Lord Sri Krishna, please make this plan happen, soon we pray.

In the mid 80s I wrote a story about how the Golden age of Lord Caiyanya came into full bloom, how the evils of Kali were defeated by the devotees of the Lord. The title of the book is “Gift of the Siddhas.”

Here is a paragraph from that story;

“The world council of Brahmins formed and rearranged the global hierarchy, and all it's laws ... it was as if ... the cosmic brain of the world became conscious again and wrestled away control from the insidiously greedy and gluttonous stomach.”

This story is only fiction, but it gives a reflection of what could really happen. It makes us forget the fiction for a while, so that we can pretend that this is a real story of the future, that this could really happen. It is possible that we, in truth, can unquestionably do this deed for Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya, and if we don’t do it, then who will? At least we can get the ball rolling. It may not happen in our lifetime or our children’s lifetime, but we all can work towards the ultimate goal. It’s all about devotees empowering other devotees with Jayananda enthusiasm, creating a domino effect all over the planet. Why Jayananda Prabhu? Because here it is, 35 years later, such a long time after his physical manifestation, and despite the enormous stretch of time, Jayananda is still changing lives in dramatic ways, he is still injecting transcendental emotions into the hearts of so many devotees, giving bliss to the offspring of a different generation, giving spiritual realization to people in a different country, to people who speak a different language, thus transcending the stringent barriers of time and space.

“After their death, most men fade from our memory like a waning moon. But the fame of saints like Jayananda Thakur increases like a swelling crescent moon, increasing more and more after their disappearance from the mortal world. The fame of saints only increase as days go on, yielding compounded daily spiritual interest, expanding exponentially like the waxing moon. Indeed, saints like Jayananda Thakur manifest wonders while living, and their spiritual potency and memory become even more powerful in their apparent absence. As their spiritual legend grows daily in power, they thus continue capturing the minds and hearts of generations far into the future.” BLJT [written 15 years ago]

And so, I like to pretend that this fiction is a true story, despite the reality of our present situation, which is, quite frankly, doom and gloom, hopelessness. This is exactly where the spirit of Jayananda comes in, where the “impossible becomes possible” by the power of his determination and his desire to please Srila Prabhupada. By forging this lackluster movement into a 180 degree turn-a-bout, by the power of Jayananda enthusiasm, devotees can pave the way for the advent of the Golden Age of Lord Caitanya, and create a slice of Satyayuga oasis within the death-valley sand dunes of Kali, and make it a reality ,,, isn’t this what we really want?

Fiction becomes reality!

Now we can stop pretending! Fiction just turned into reality, as this empowerment domino effect is happening, right now, in the enormous fatherland of Russia! Here is some Jayananda enthusiasm from Barbara of St. Petersburg:

“Found a book in St. Petersburg, a single copy in stock!!! I read about his amazing feats and wept much.. So much Light, Love and Humility in one soul! Words of it is difficult to describe, what was then. He just smiled with photos, and my life has rapidly changed! In a short time I let go of that longing and hopelessness that gnawed at me for such a long time. I was read 16 circles! [broken English is somewhat entertaining :)] Stable 16 circles, which could not in any way to make themselves to do before. My spiritual path came to a new level! The realization of many things started to go in my head ... It is just do not describe the words! It seems that Krishna has revealed His Grace in His Pure devotion!

Some more Jayananda nectar from Kiev Katerina Netyaga;

“Great spiritual warrior Jayananda Thakur. He is real maharatha, not just at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, but at building place in San Francisco. Nothing prevents me and us to live the same way! Nothing. Maya fades, watching such an incredible determination. She did not touch you, do not even dare to come near You and disturb. All that we need for a victory - just remember your example!”

My comment: these are some of the ingredients that we “need for a victory” over Kali’s minions, to establish the Golden age of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Ingredients such as “incredible determination” and “highly contagious enthusiasm,” to name a few. I really love this line: “Nothing prevents me [and us] to live the same way! Nothing!” With the power of Jayananda enthusiasm, nothing can prevent the arrival of the Golden age!

Incredible inspiration from Mother Yajna [story told by Krishna Mangala Pr];

“Unfortunately in the 98 after Harikesa Prabhu fell, she left ISKCON practically. Now she is more than 70. Recently the Jayananda book was given to her, and Jayananda impressed on her very much. She changed. She became an active as earlier. She wrote the booklet where she describes how the Jayananda book impressed her and changed her life. She raised donations and printed 18,500 (!) copies of the booklet, and sends it free of charge, all over the fatherland!” [look at a world map, Russia is a gigantic sovereign nation! Is this the domino effect in Russia?]

“Just as Nostrodamus predicted, Russia and India combined to spearhead a spiritual revolution and conquer materialism on the planet. All due to the grace of the great Guru who sailed the Jaladuta ... that master at whose feet all masters sit.” [written 30 years ago] GOS

“May the spirit of Jayananda come back to conquer the great arrogance of this world.” JT

This is taken from the tentative manuscript [still thinking of a title] of Jayananda vol 3, work in progress. Hare Krishna!